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Damestassen - Enter Gratis - Tassenboetiek

Damestassen - Enter Gratis - Tassenboetiek

De nieuwste trends in damestassen

Posted at 16:10, 27/3/2010

Leather is manufactured mostly from the skins of the animals. The process of converting the skins of the animals into leather is known as tanning. Rawhide is used for this tanning process where it is changed into rough leather. The rawhide is nothing but the skins of the animals like buffalo, cow or deer which is prepared by removing all the flesh and fat over them. It should be dried neatly before given for the tanning process. The tanning process involves some chemical treatments which will change the nature of the skin. The tanning process will remove the moisture inside the skins and binds the fiber inside the skins together. With this process the leather will get some unique properties like water proof and restrict fungi and bacteria's entering them. The chemical used for this tanning process is mostly obtained from the animal fats or vegetables and mineral salts.

The above explained method is the way of manufacturing the leather. Some more methods are out there, but common method is the tanning process only. Now we will see where this tanned leather will be used. This tanned leather will be used for manufacturing leather cases, leather purses, men leather bags, ladies bags, corporate bags, travel bags, bags for personal uses etc. Now we can see some of the tips you have to follow to keep your leather products or bags clean and safe. The leather products must be always kept from the sunlight. Cotton soft clothes are preferred for the cleaning process. The clothes should not leave the liquids in the leather while cleaning. So the wise thing here is you should check the cleaning clothes in some hidden parts of the bags. After getting successful results we can try those clothes outside the bag also.

Leather bags often reflect your status in the societies especially for ladies; the bags are identity of their personality. Bags which suits every occasions are available in the market. The bags should be chosen so that it suits your wardrobes the best. If you want to have a plain bag or one with printed one is up to you, but the plain ones will be better .The classic handbags will match every occasion or moods, also the color should be a neutral one so that it will fit for any outfits. A lot of websites out their offering customers their unique collections where you can go for a look to find the one that suits you. But most of the websites will not offer you what they have shown in their sites. So go for premium sellers who have a historical selling record. Unique products will come from old sellers only not from someone who is new to the industry.

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